PROVERBS: WISDOM TO LIVE BY - Integrity and Work

Proverbs work.jpg

This week’s focus is “Integrity and Work." It may seem obvious that hard work and integrity are the wise way to live. And according to God’s wisdom, it is. But the culture often seems to reward the person who has learned how to cheat the system, or cheat the customer or the employer, in order to get ahead. It seems like short-cuts, deceitfulness or even corruption is to be expected in most circles....but just don’t get caught! Full truthfulness and integrity is not the expected standard. This “get away with what you can” way of operating in life and work creates all kinds of anxiety and fear, and deeply troubles the human heart, whether recognized or not. Honesty is the best policy because it is God's way. Hard work is rewarded in the long run because it is God’s Way. Dishonesty and laziness will produce its own consequences, eventually, and in the end will be judged by God.


Ryan Doucette