The Church Engaged! Participating Membership

“The Church Engaged” is a 2-week miniseries aimed at stirring us up to fully engage the vision and ministry of Cornerstone. Full engagement requires us to practice good “Financial Stewardship” (part 1) and to embrace “Participating Membership”, this last week’s teaching. The sad reality is that much of the church in the United States is asleep and apathetic. God calls us to be active participants and partners in His great gospel work, NOT passively indifferent. A full devotion from any body of believers will receive a full blessing from the Lord. Let’s get the FULL blessing!

The sermon explored the elements of the early church that put them at a place to receive Gods abundant blessing. By looking at the first church in Acts 2, we see 3000 believers devote themselves to a few basic HOLY HABITS. Our intent is to fully understand these HOLY HABITS and put them into operation with one another at Cornerstone. “Participating Membership” is our way to help this body become engaged! (Although the word “membership” does not appear in the text, it is easily discerned as the New Testament describes believers as vital members of one body with Jesus as the head, the existence of local churches city by city, and the clear “one another” teachings that only make sense when in regular contact with other believers) 

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Ryan Doucette