Real Faith a Study of PrayerPraise.jpg

This week’s sermon is centering in on two main thoughts, praising God in joy, and praying for the sick and suffering. James instructs the suffering to pray, and the sick to seek prayer from the Elders. Although we have the wonderful advancements of science and medicine, our ultimate trust must be in God to bring about healing. God may choose to use medical science as part of our healing, or He may not. Some healing happens here, but our final and complete healing comes in heaven! We should first pray, and always pray, and involve Elder prayer in serious cases.

And as for our praise and worship of God, it should be full of joy as we focus on God’s love, provisions and promises to us as His children. As with any spiritual exercise, it should grow over time and become more meaningful to us and to God! Spiritual growth always requires steps of faith, looking to others more gifted or mature to teach us and bring us along. So we should look to those in scripture who knew how to express their worship with excellence and passion - such as David who penned many great worship Psalms designed for God’s people to sing and as he danced before the Lord in worship! Also, as a church, we can grow in our worship expression as we follow our worship leaders. They can help us learn songs, and learn to how to focus our thoughts, prayers, declarations, and emotions in overflowing praise of our GREAT KING - who is worthy of our best praise! 


Ryan Doucette