Measuring Up?

measuring up.jpg


The teaching this week is about finding REST FOR OUR SOULS! Not trying to Measure up in a world of crazy pace, expectations and pressures that steal of ability to ever rest. Jesus is clear in saying that there is no rest for the weary soul apart from coming to Him and living His ways. The world offers you and me any manner of ways for us to “rest” and it’s all too easy to go down those paths of distraction or temporary pleasures. The problem is these things do not bring true peace to the human heart. They actually move us away from God by creating a dependency on them for repeated daily use. We get anxious and feel desperate without them. Our deep loneliness from God and sin struggles are never solved.

The good news of the gospel is that Jesus invites us to come to Him, to find the rest, peace, and love we were designed to experience through His faithfulness. Once our hearts are at peace with God, our soul can rest and find real fulfillment in relying on our Heavenly Father to meet our needs. The regrets, guilt, emptiness, addictive patterns, manipulation, and desperation can be a thing of the past. PRAISE GOD!!! 


Ryan Doucette