The Church Engaged! Financial Stewardship

The sermon this week is on financial stewardship (money). Watch people run for the hills!JJesus spent an enormous amount of his teaching related to the proper perspective on, and use of, money. There are many reasons why people get uncomfortable talking about biblical financial stewardship....but the main reason is that they fear they will be pressured to change something about their management of money. Many secretly love money and trust it to be the answer to their problems. Jesus warns that you can’t love God and money (Mt 6:24) simultaneously. Each person must choose which one will be his or her God.

This week’s teaching will help people view their money and it’s management from a God-honoring perspective. It will deliver many people from financial frustration and fear, to real freedom and fruitfulness in their financial stewardship. After all, all things belong to God, and He simply loans us His money for a time to test our willingness to steward it for His Kingdom. Some act in faith and pass the test and see Kingdom fruit result from their money management. Sadly, others fail the test and out of fear, never get to experience the joy of generosity, changed lives, and God’s miraculous resupply! 

Ryan Doucette