The Heart of a Servant


Jesus is the great servant-King! Jesus left the glories of Heaven to take on flesh so that he could serve the needs of people, and ultimately so by going to the cross and sacrificing his all so we could be forgiven and have eternal life. He continues to care for us, serve us in love, and intercede for us at the right hand of the Father in Heaven!! We are called to be a servant of others as Jesus has served us. God has given us spiritual gifts so that we can serve others effectively, according to the power of the Holy Spirit. What a joy to be given spiritual abilities to help others experience the love of God, come to know Jesus as Savior, and to grow up in Christ. Every believer is equipped by God and has a crucial role to play in the body of Christ. Have you found yours...and are you serving God whole-heartedly!? 


Ryan Doucette