ESV Study Bible: 

If you're looking for a Bible with helpful notes and study tools, we suggest the ESV Study Bible. Features include introductions to each book of the Bible as well as maps, timelines and extensive notes on each page. 

Study Resources: 


The R E A P method is a great starting point for those who are looking to spend more time in God's Word. Before reading, spend some time in prayer, asking God to teach, correct and train you in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16). 


Then, follow these steps: 

  • Read the Passage
  • Examine the Passage
  • Apply the Passage
  • Pray

Click HERE to download a printable copy of the R E A P handout.


In addition to meeting together in Life Groups, we also encourage our church to gather regularly for more focused times of encouragement and accountability. Ask your Life Group Leader about joining or starting a new accountability group, and do these three things when you get together: 

  • Hear & Obey: Take turns sharing what you've been reading in the Bible since your last meeting.
  • Repent and Remember: Confess your struggles with one another. Dont try to fix each other, but give wise counsel and remind each other of the hope we have for new life in Christ Jesus. 
  • Pray: Pray for each other, but also make sure to spend time praying for friends and family who have not yet come to faith. 

Click HERE to download a printable copy of the accountability handout.


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