Things To Come: A Look at End Times
Thursday Nights
July 19-Aug 23 | 6:30-8:00 pm
Taught by Kevin Oates

This class will be a 6-week crash course on eschatology, or "end times", where we will examine different views about what is going to happen in the future according to Scripture.  Some of the questions we will address are: How should we interpret biblical prophecy? Is the rapture before, during or after the tribulation period?  What is the tribulation period?  Will Christ come back before or after the Millennium, or are we in the Millennium now?  Is Christ’s coming imminent or are there things that must take place first?  Is eternal punishment really eternal?  These issues and many more will be addressed from Scripture and will help us to live our lives with an eternal perspective.

Childcare: Available if requested when you sign up ($3.00/child/week (or $18/per child.) 

*Contact Colleen Mattoon at 805-553-9929 ext. 22 with any questions. Use the form above to sign up for the class




Nursery care and Sunday School available for your children through 5th grade.

Pillars of the Faith
Back this Fall!
9:00-10:15 am (during 1st service)
Facilitated by Willie Samoff
Classroom A
This 7-week class provides a solid foundation for the Christian faith.  Great for ALL – those new to the faith, those who would like to grow in their understanding of the important matters of the faith and for those who want to sharpen their skills in sharing their faith with others. 
No cost for this class.

How To Study The Bible
Returning this Fall!
Facilitated by Doug Graham
April 8-May 20
10:45 am-12:15 pm (during 2nd service)
Classroom A
Join us for this 6-week class as we use basic Bible study skills to study a book from the Bible ogether, drawing out the deep riches that the book contains.  All are welcome!
No cost for this class.